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Epitaph (Endless Visions) - Part 1

-Sebastian's Guitar part


So we're in the studio again! We've been writing material over the last year and enjoying playing some shows, and now it really feels like the right time to start getting some material out! Epitaph seems to have been on the boil for forever, and goes down really well live, so it felt like a natural choice for our next release. We teamed up with Federico Telesca from West Homesick Studios in Sheffield and his work is just amazing. He is so precise and his ear for music is outstanding. TJ and Paul laid down their parts in January and have done an outstanding job. Seb and Ade have gone in today and smashed the guitars out of the park - check this out!

This is Seb's guitar part under the breakdown. You're hearing Drums and Bass that TJ and Paul previously laid down and turned down to allow Seb to hear his guitar most prominently. There is also a little bit of my guide vocals in the background. Once all the parts are locked in, my vocals will be erased and I'll lay proper take over the top.

So what do you think? Is Epitaph going to be a proper heavy metal monster or what!? We can't wait for it to drop, it's gonna be brilliant... the best thing is, it's not even our heaviest song!

Rock on Chris

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