ZeroPointZero's vocalist, Chris Dolby, is also involved in promoting the underground rock and metal scene through his activity with Metallum Sub Terra and Spire Radio (Chesterfield). Please find below information, links and podcasts from these.

If you are in an underground band and would like to get some radio airplay, please do get in touch by following the links.


Crooked Rock Show meets Mogstock!

This week's Crooked Rock Show was a belter! I love hosting the rock show on Spire Radio, as I get to meet some really interesting people...


In the world of Zero Point Zero, we're just starting to play live along to a "click track". To those none-musos out there, it's basically a

Vans trainers... who knew!?

ZeroPointZero proudly take you into the crazy world of band practice and the method of writing a killer breakdown.... while we're at it, let

Crooked Rock Show

Thursday 27th June 2019 Chris interviews the directors of "Rockin The Bowl", a new annual rock festival in a day to be held at Don Valley...

Epitaph (Endless Visions) - Part 2

Ade's Guitar Part The process of recording a song is a long and (to the outsider) quite a tedious one. When you're in a band, getting in...

Epitaph (Endless Visions) - Part 1

-Sebastian's Guitar part So we're in the studio again! We've been writing material over the last year and enjoying playing some shows,...

The Darkness Weeps

Zero Point Zero are a band that prides itself on it’s inclusive writing style and pushing each other to create more and more challenging...