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Chris working his way through the local news while walking his dawg.

In the world of Zero Point Zero, we're just starting to play live along to a "click track". To those none-musos out there, it's basically a metronome that clicks away in your in-ear monitors and is the starting point to greater things... what it allows you to do, apart from the obvious benefit of playing perfectly in time and keeping the songs consistant, is now to start running a sample track along in the background. This is allowing us to experiment with samples and loops, to fill out the sound and make it an overall more professional experiance. We're totally loving the difference it's making to our live performance and we hope that you'll love it too.

The Crooked Rock Show is coming back on the 8th August with the organisers of Mogstock in the studio, and they'll be playing tunes by the bands and lettings us know all about the good charity work they're doing in aid of poorly cats - check it out!!

If you've not already, please take a second and head over to the Facebook page and give our band a like and share! We're also available on Instagram too - why not give us a follow over there too!?


Team Z

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