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The Darkness Weeps

Zero Point Zero are a band that prides itself on it’s inclusive writing style and pushing each other to create more and more challenging material with each new song. The song we are currently finishing off is called “The Darkness Wept” and is our most ambitious song yet.

The lyrics: "My footsteps echo about these blackened spaces

Where evil entities devour evil faces

I feel your tragedy.

I take position, a proximity to pain

I run towards it, I will hold back the rain

In these the darkest places

You're not alone

I see you count the cost - The darkness gasps for air

As you already lost and I just wasn't there

I walk through fields of death I hear

That I have nothing more to fear

As though at last I am set free

The dark's afraid of me"

I guess the lyrics are about making a choice to follow the light rather than the darker demons of our nature. Essentially, it’s a song about self-empowerment and turning around to the monsters in your life and saying, “No, I will not be afraid… you will fear me!”

We’re pushing on with getting electronic backing tracks going, with samples and loops etc to add atmospherics and Paul’s getting more involved with the backing vocals. Honestly it’s a killer track and we can’t wait to roll it out for it’s premier on 07.02.19 at The Maze, Nottingham.

If you go, why not drop us a line and let us know what you think? In the meantime, here’s some low-quality phone-shot footage taken at rehearsal to give you a flavour…


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