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Epitaph (Endless Visions) - Part 2

Ade's Guitar Part


The process of recording a song is a long and (to the outsider) quite a tedious one. When you're in a band, getting in the studio is the highpoint of the year - that moment when all that time in the studio and on the stage comes together and you're making content. It's like being a Rockstar. It's awesome.

Today it was the turn of Adrian and Sebastian to be a Rockstar for the day, and they rose to the challenge magnificently! Epitaph has been a staple at every show since we wrote it in 2018. It was probably one of the turning points for us as a band where we really started concentrating on getting a proper fat breakdown in the middle of our tunes... it's always going to have a special place in our heart.

Here's Ade rocking the pre-chorus lead line:

The breakdown has quite a few layers of guitars - here's Ade laying down the tremolo picked lead section layer one:

… and then layering up over the top some fat-assed harmony guitars:

What do you think? Is this going to slay people stone dead or what!? We're looking forward to getting the vocals down and the day we can finally get this track shared with you! It'll be available for free for download on this website, so keep calling back for regular updates!



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